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500 Strong and GrowingThe Texas Affiliation of Affordable Housing Providers (TAAHP) is a non-profit 501(c)(6) trade association serving affordable housing industry providers. Our principal goal is to increase the supply and quality of affordable housing for Texans with limited incomes and special needs.

Founded in 1997, TAAHP is considered the “Voice of Affordable Housing in Texas,” and represents housing industry professionals involved in the financing, design, development, and management of affordable housing communities in Texas through public/private partnerships.

Each year, our membership produces tens of thousands of award-winning affordable housing communities with state-of-the-art designs, amenities, and resident services.  TAAHP has seen exponential growth and diversity among its membership which ranges from: attorneys, accountants, for- and nonprofit developers, investors, syndicators, property management companies, market analysts, housing finance corporations, vendors/suppliers, government entities, students, trade associations, and other housing advocates.


TAAHP is the primary advocate and leading resource for the affordable housing industry in Texas.


To inspire and engage our members and stakeholders to end the affordable housing crisis in Texas.

How TAAHP is Governed

TAAHP is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership annually with term limits imposed. Our Directors represent such diverse disciplines as owners/developers (for profit and non-profit), lenders/investors, and general membership categories.

TAAHP leadership is dedicated to promoting affordable housing and educating members on key issues facing the housing industry. A slate of candidates are selected by a nominating committee and voted on by the general membership. Officers and Board members are announced at the annual Texas Housing Conference sponsored by TAAHP.

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TAAHP Committees


TAAHP has a core of active member volunteers that advise and assist staff with many support functions of the organization. These individuals are key to the ongoing professional development of our members and the many outreach activities of the organization. Per TAAHP Bylaws, some committees are comprised of members appointed by the Board of the Directors while others are open to the membership. Ask for details.

Conference Committee

Responsible for recommending all matters relating to the Texas Housing Conference to the Board of Directors. Responsibilities include venue, budgeting, sponsorship sales, programming, educational components, speakers, theme,  and evaluations.

Education Committee

Identifies educational opportunities required by the industry. The committee focus is to create educational seminars and review and coordinate with the Conference Committee and Staff to develop the conference educational sessions.

Government Affairs

Responsible for reacting to proposals, monitoring and advancing reforms, promulgating rules, regulations and statutes that advance the members' welfare and business conditions - all within the state and federal election guidelines.

Scholarship Committee

Responsible for developing scholarship guidelines, application procedures, reviewing scholarship candidates and recommending awards which will be announced annually, but no later than at the annual Texas Housing Conference.

Rural Development Advisory Committee

To bring about a better understanding of rural communities and their needs; differences in construction (challenges) in rural communities; offer suggestions for rule changes to assist in getting rehabilitation/ preservation to the most needed developments and to put new housing in rural areas that make good housing/real estate/business sense.

Compliance Committee

Responsible for reviewing post award compliance rules for the Housing Tax Credit program in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines and regulations. Committee members submit public comments/recommendations required as necessary.

Membership Development

The Membership Development Committee identifies membership growth opportunities and works with staff as it considers strategies, promotions and required budgets necessary to promote membership growth for the organization.

QAP Committee

Reviews the annual QAP and Multifamily Rules to develop and adopt consensus recommendations. The QAP Committee shall annually hold no fewer than one meeting of the full membership in order to allow input and participation of the members.

Nonprofit Development Advisory Committee

Educate TAAHP Membership on the benefits of nonprofit partnerships to develop and operate affordable and supportive housing; the importance of integrated housing services; and, to give voice to nonprofits regarding current and future housing policy.

Racial/Social Equity Working Group

To raise awareness and understanding among members and affordable housing constituents of the vital role diversity plays in the affordable housing industry in Texas and nationwide. This will be accomplished through enhancing participation, inclusion, and encouraging leadership opportunities for members of diverse backgrounds in all TAAHP activities and initiatives. In addition, the working group will encourage and support the growth and stability of minority developers, affordable housing practitioners, residents, and other community stakeholders.

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