This session, Texas State Representative Jessica González filed HB 2494, HB 2532, HB 3234, and HB 3272. Each of these bills plays a critical role in combating affordable housing crises in Dallas and around Texas.

HB 2494, filed jointly with Sen. Royce West (Dallas), will provide relief to Dallas’ affordable housing crisis by earmarking 20 percent of reinvestment tax revenue for neighborhoods hardest hit by gentrification. The money could be used for infrastructure improvements, to help relocate displaced residents, and to build truly affordable housing. This bill, a refile of Rep. Eric Johnson’s landmark legislation from the 85th Session, will be a critical tool to preserve historic communities and ensure Dallas’ reinvestment is equitable for all.

HB 2532, along with Sen. Royce West’s companion bill (SB 1278), compliments Dallas’ recently approved Comprehensive Housing Plan by allowing the city to designate more homestead preservation districts, which promote affordable homeownership and prevent displacement for low- and moderate-income households.

HB 3234 amends the tax code to allow homeowners to defer a portion of their property taxes if their home values appreciate dramatically and lowers the interest rate on the deferred taxes. This is a commonsense bill to keep people in their homes and ensure that new development does not displace existing communities.

HB 3272 incentivizes developers applying for low-income housing tax credits to include a right of first refusal for sale to certain nonprofits. Rep. González is proud to work with Sen. Kirk Watson (Austin) to ensure that when developments are sold, qualified nonprofits can compete on a level playing field to keep units affordable.

Rep. González said, “Hardworking Texans are too often finding it more and more difficult to remain in their longtime homes, return to their neighborhoods, or find places to live within their communities. I grew up in Oak Cliff, and it is where I have my law practice and own my home. I understand why it is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the state, and it is why I want to ensure that as we grow, the longtime residents who made this a strong and desirable community are able to remain a part of it.

Rep. González added, “This session, my focus is to do all I can to improve the daily lives of hardworking Texans like those in my district. For too long, too many people have lacked a voice in the halls of power in this state. Through the bills I file and the legislation I support, I will make sure that the people of HD 104 are heard,” González continued.