TAAHP Meets with Senator Wests' office

On January 30, TAAHP leadership and representatives from most of the major Texas Metros met with Senator West to discuss TAAHP’s Two Mile Bill.

Currently, the statute prohibits more than one housing tax credit applicant from being awarded credits within two linear miles of each other. Senator West passed this rule over 20 years ago to avoid the over-concentration of affordable housing in high-poverty areas. However, in dense urban areas in Texas’s largest cities, this rule unfairly limits affordable housing development, particularly near dense job centers, neighborhood empowerment zones, and transit-oriented development areas.

For the past couple of months, TAAHP has been working with the Texas Metros to draft a bill addressing the issues facing cities because of the Two Mile Rule. The Two-Mile bill amends Section 2306.6711, Government Code, to allow for multiple applications to be awarded within the two-mile radius if approval is given by the governing body of the municipality or county in which the application is located—either the city council or commissioners court. This bill is only bracketed to counties with a population of one million or more and municipalities with populations over 750,000. TAAHP believes growing cities know their local landscape best and should be empowered to waive this rule if it is in the city’s best interest.

We want to thank Senator West and his staff for allowing us to discuss our bill and listen to each of the metros reasoning for supporting the modernization of the rule.


Senator West Office

  • La Juana Barton – Chief of Staff

TAAHP Leadership

  • Roger Arriaga, TAAHP Executive Director
  • Whitney Parra-Gutierrez, TAAHP Policy and Regulatory Manager
  • Jean Latsha- TAAHP Board President
  • Nathan Kelley – TAAHP Government Affairs Chair

City of Austin

  • Mandy Demayo – Deputy director of the Housing & Planning Department
  • Brie Franco – Intergovernmental Relations Officer

City of Fort Worth

  • Thomas Patterson – Manager of Legislative Affairs

City of Houston

  • Mike Kelly – Intergovernmental Relations Director
  • Alexa Aragonez – Deputy Director of Government Relations

City of San Antonio

  • Mark Carmona – Chief Housing Officer