TAAHP firmly believes in keeping people in their homes whenever possible. The eviction process is both arduous and costly and is only pursued when absolutely necessary after all other intervention measures have been exhausted. However, eviction moratoriums do not solve the underlying issue for tenants: losing their jobs and struggling to find the means to pay their rent and other costs of living. Eviction moratoriums make it difficult for affordable housing property owners to meet their state and federal mandated obligations to operate and maintain the properties at a higher standard, while still providing supportive services to the tenants and making mortgage payments on them. TAAHP supports shifting policy intervention to providing rent assistance to effectively provide the much needed support to residents who have suffered an income loss while also allowing property owners and managers to continue providing much needed supportive services and property maintenance that contribute to their personal economic recovery. For this reason, TAAHP, along with the Texas Apartment Association and Texas Association of Builders sent a joint letter to the Supreme Court of Texas requesting the high court clarify language relating to the eviction moratorium in the CARES Act and allow the order to expire as intended.