According to the National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE), all Exigent and Fire Safety (EH&S) deficiencies, now referred to as Life-Threatening and Severe (LT&S), must be corrected immediately within 24 hours and the owner’s certification that they have corrected must be completed and uploaded to the Compliance Monitoring and Tracking System (CMTS) within 72 hours, or an Owner may request an extension within 72 hours of the inspection. Failure to abide by these requirements can trigger an event of noncompliance and will count towards the previous participation rules (PPR) compliance history for three years.

The owner on record is now required to sign all forms, from EH&S (within 72 business hours) to the certification, for properties that score above 76 on physical inspections and remediated its items. Management companies should notify owners that they may need to be around to sign, sometimes for the same property over multiple weeks. With the change to NSPIRE, TDHCA is internally reviewing all of its procedures including notifying owners of EH&S issues. For more information, email Wendy Quackenbush.