The Houston Housing Authority (HHA) launched its Affordable Housing Houston website which provides people with information about apartment options offered through the HHA’s Public Facility Corporations (PFC) partnerships.

According to the release, the website lists resources for people who need to quickly navigate through the housing process. On the site, users can learn how to apply for affordable housing, learn about property locations, go through the FAQ section, and read testimonials. The website also includes an Area Median Income (AMI) calculator that allows users to plug in their information to determine their eligibility for this housing program within seconds.

The website also clarifies the relationship between the Houston Housing Authority and Affordable Housing Houston.
As an affiliate of the Houston Housing Authority (HHA), Affordable Housing Houston can retain all the same rights as the HHA. A property acquired by Affordable Housing Houston does not have to pay property tax which allows the development company to offer decreased rent for 51% of the units in the property. That incentivizes these companies to provide low-income housing within their development. As a result, the benefits of these partnerships extend to all Houstonians because they are provided with more affordable housing options in Houston and surrounding areas.