From Dallas Morning News

After Eric Johnson’s successful run for Dallas Mayor, Texas House District 100  was left without a representative. However, there was no shortage of candidates waiting in the wings to fill the position. With early voting beginning last week, voters are weighing in on their preference for a successor.

Experts believe voter turnout will be light this election cycle, especially with three of the four candidates being new to the political arena, not having ever been elected to political office before. The candidates include James Armstrong, Lorraine Birabil, Daniel Calyton and Sandra Crenshaw.

Voters have begun the process of picking a successor to Eric Johnson, who left the Texas Legislature to become Dallas mayor.

But turnout in the special election for House District 100, where Johnson served for nearly 10 years, is expected to be light, as voters select from among three who have never held elected office and a former Dallas council member and mental health advocate who has become a perennial candidate for an array of posts. The candidates on the ballot are James Armstrong, Lorraine Birabil, Daniel Clayton and Sandra Crenshaw.

“It’s likely that this race and the propositions on the ballot won’t attract a lot of voters,” said Robert Ashley, a political observer who hosts a radio talk show aimed at black residents. “It’s going to be kind of a yawner.”

According to Dallas County election officials, 639 people had voted in person and 368 voted by mail through Saturday. Early voting runs through Nov. 1.

The winner of the Nov. 5 contest will fill Johnson’s unexpired term, which ends in January 2021. All of the candidates in the special election say they will also run in the March primary for a chance to serve in the new term that follows.