Dallas voters have taken a significant step towards combating the housing affordability crisis by endorsing a groundbreaking bond election, allocating $82 million to bolster the city’s affordable housing inventory and address homelessness head-on. The bond, part of a broader $1.25 billion package primarily designated for infrastructure development, underscores a growing awareness of housing challenges amidst other city priorities such as roads, parks, and public safety.

A substantial portion of the funds will aid developers in constructing affordable units, with notable investments slated for Southern Dallas and enhancements to the Bridge homeless shelter. This allocation signifies a notable surge from previous funding levels, all achieved without a tax increase, underscoring a substantial commitment to tackling pressing housing issues within the city.

The approval of three key measures reflects a concerted effort to bolster Dallas’ affordable housing stock and alleviate homelessness.

  • Proposition G, endorsed by 68 percent of voters, earmarked over half of its $72 million allocation to support developers in financing housing projects inclusive of affordable units.
  • Proposition H, passing with a 70 percent approval rate, designated $26 million to revitalize affordable housing infrastructure in Southern Dallas, a region historically underserved by municipal initiatives.
  • Proposition I, with an overwhelming 77 percent approval, directed $19 million towards enhancing the Bridge homeless shelter in downtown Dallas and facilitating the rehoming process for the city’s unhoused population.

These measures not only signify a commitment to addressing housing insecurity but also highlight a community-wide acknowledgment of the need for comprehensive solutions to tackle homelessness and improve housing accessibility for all residents.