From NBC2 News

There is an affordable housing shortage in Midland. With the booming oil economy flourishing in the small west Texas town of Midland, the city is struggling to keep up as people are pouring into the city in search of good paying jobs in the oil and gas industry. NBC2 News in Midland reports the city’s population has grown a whopping 30 percent since 2010 — nearly triple the population growth seen in the previous decade.

With such substantial, rapid growth, the area’s infrastructure, including housing, has not been able to keep up with the pace. Local business that is not part of the oil and gas industry is struggling to find workers — diminishing the level of service available to residents. Restaurants can’t keep enough workers — cooking or wait staff — to serve customers. Tables sit empty even as customers line up.

Affordable housing has taken a big hit primarily due to the lack of construction workers.  NBC reports that a one-bedroom apartment is renting for an astonishing $1,500 per month. The average monthly rent is higher than some of Texas’ largest cities – including Dallas.