Today is the 130th day in the 88th Legislative Session. With only 10 days left in the regular session, TAAHP leadership is working hard to ensure that our legislative priorities continue to be supported. For more information about key dates this month – click here.

TAAHP supported HB 2071, reforming Public Facility Corporations, will be heard on the Senate floor TODAY

An amended HB 2071 by Representative Jacey Jetton (R-27) passed the Texas House on April 26. Rep. Gates successfully added six amendments to HB 2071. It passed with 142 Yeas, 5 Nays, & 2 Present not voting. On May 1, Chairman Bettencourt proceeded to vote HB 2071 out of the Local Government committee with no changes from the version passed out of the House. The vote was carried 6-1-1 with Sen. Eckhardt voting no, and Sen. West present not voting. TAAHP has worked on mitigating the negative impacts of those amendments before it is considered for a full Senate vote today.

TAAHP supported HB 1058, creating a State Housing Tax Credit Program, was voted out of the Senate Finance Committee

HB 1058 by Representative Craig Goldman (R-97) passed the Texas House on March 4, 2023. It passed with 121 Yeas, 25 Nays, & 1 Present not voting. The House bill was then sent to the Senate for consideration. The Senate’s companion sponsor, Senator Charles Perry (R-28), presented the bill in the Senate Finance Committee on Monday, May 15. The committee voted out the bill on Thursday, May 18 with two no votes by Sen. Schwertner & Sen. Kolkhorst. Once the report is published, Senator Perry will place the bill on the Intent Calendar.

TAAHP supported HB 4858 & SB 1480, which modernizes Section 2306, failed to get voted out of committee

These companion bills increased the annual funding cap per applicant, eliminated the census tract restriction, and removed cost per square foot as a scoring component. HB 4858 (Rep. Gervin-Hawkins) and SB 1480 (Sen. Menendez) were left pending in their respective committees and will not be passed this session.

TAAHP supported HB 1757, amending Resolutions of No Objections (RONO), was voted out of the Urban Affairs Committee but failed to reach House floor

HB 1757 (Rep. Cortez) retains the existing RONO statutory requirement for major metro areas while removing this regulatory burden for small and mid-sized cities and counties. On April 20, the bill was voted favorably by the committee with a 6 Ayes, 0 Nays and 3 Absent. The committee report was as sent to the calendars committee on April 26 but was unable to make it to the House floor before the deadline. This bill will not be passed this session.