As part of the 2024 Competitive (9%) Housing Tax Credit (HTC) Allocation process, TDHCA’s Multifamily Finance Division has posted an updated 2024 9% Housing Tax Credit Full Application Submission Log including Preliminary Tie-breaker information on the Department’s website at https://www.tdhca.texas.gov/competitive-9-housing-tax-credits.

The Application Log is organized by region and subregion, except for the At-Risk and USDA Set-Asides.  Applicants selecting the At-Risk/USDA Set-Asides are listed first and are organized by score rather than by region.  The scores presented on the log are those represented by Applicants and have not been confirmed or reviewed by the Department.  The Application Log is updated to reflect Internal Revenue Service population figures for the 2024 Housing Tax Credit cycle and a 2024 credit return in Urban Subregion 3.  Elderly Allocation limits have also been added for applicable Subregions.  The Application Log contains information regarding the distance-based tie-breaker established in 10 TAC Section 11.7(2).  Distances are as represented by Applicants and have not been confirmed or reviewed by the Department.  For some Applications where the tie appears to proceed, a new column has been added indicating a preliminary ranking under 10 TAC Section 11.7(3).

The log and other materials are presented for informational use only and do not represent a conclusion or judgment by TDHCA, its staff, or Board.  Those reviewing the materials are advised to use caution in reaching any definitive conclusions based on the included information alone.  Applicants are encouraged to review 10 TAC Section 11.1(b) concerning Due Diligence and Applicant Responsibility.

Thank you for your interest in TDHCA’s programs and for your ongoing support of our mission to provide safe, affordable housing to Texans.

Applicants who identify an error in the logs should contact Joshua Goldberger, Competitive Housing Tax Credit Manager, [email protected].