The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) has posted to its website an updated Application Log for applications received under the 2019-1 Multifamily Direct Loan Notice of Funding Availability (2019-1 NOFA) at http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/multifamily/nofas-rules.htm or http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/nofa.htm.

As a result of considering the 2019 9% Housing Tax Credit-layered (HTC) applications received on April 2, 2019, (the Market Analysis Delivery Date) in accordance with 10 TAC Section 13.4(c)(2), funding under the General set-aside is oversubscribed.

To help alleviate the oversubscription under the General set-aside, staff is planning to present an amendment to the 2019-1 NOFA that will provide additional funds under the General set-aside at the April 25, 2019, TDHCA Governing Board meeting. To the extent that the additional funding is insufficient to fund some 2019 9% HTC-layered applications, impacted applicants will be notified and have the ability to revise financing in accordance with 10 TAC Section 13.5(f).

The updated Application Log can be found at http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/multifamily/home/index.htm

If you have any questions about the 2019-1 NOFA, or if you identify an errors in the log, please contact TDHCA Multifamily Loan Programs Administrator Andrew Sinnott at [email protected] or at 512-475-0538.