The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) has posted to its website an updated Application Log for applications received under the 2019-1 Multifamily Direct Loan Notice of Funding Availability (2019-1 NOFA) at or

As a result of considering the 2019 9% Housing Tax Credit-layered (HTC) applications received on April 2, 2019, (the Market Analysis Delivery Date) in accordance with 10 TAC Section 13.4(c)(2), funding under the General set-aside is oversubscribed.

To help alleviate the oversubscription under the General set-aside, staff is planning to present an amendment to the 2019-1 NOFA that will provide additional funds under the General set-aside at the April 25, 2019, TDHCA Governing Board meeting. To the extent that the additional funding is insufficient to fund some 2019 9% HTC-layered applications, impacted applicants will be notified and have the ability to revise financing in accordance with 10 TAC Section 13.5(f).

The updated Application Log can be found at

If you have any questions about the 2019-1 NOFA, or if you identify an errors in the log, please contact TDHCA Multifamily Loan Programs Administrator Andrew Sinnott at or at 512-475-0538.

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