TDHCA’s Multifamily Finance Division posted an updated version of the 2024 Multifamily Uniform Application. Version 2024.3 contains several minor updates and technical fixes. All changes are outlined in the version’s release notes.

Applicants of the 9% Housing Tax Credit Program 2024 cycle that have substantially completed a 2024.2 Application may still submit that version. Correction instructions with additional guidance are posted. Applicants intending to submit a 2024.2 Application should review these instructions in addition to the 2024.3 release notes.

Version 2024.3 of the Uniform Multifamily Application, release notes, and 2024.2 correction instructions can be found at https://www.tdhca.texas.gov/apply-funds.

If you have any questions, please contact Josh Goldberger at [email protected].