The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) has posted to its website several new items pertaining to the 2024 9% Housing Tax Credit (HTC) cycle.

New guidance on the State Housing Tax Credit Application process has been posted along with an Intent to Apply form to be used in accordance with 10 TAC Section 11.1003.

The Department has posted a Readiness to Proceed certification, which may be used by applicants claiming points under Section 11.9(e)(9). The use of this template is not mandatory, and it is acceptable for Applicants to create their own version of the certification should all requirements of the rule be met.

The Multifamily Finance Division has also reviewed the 2024 9% HTC Pre-Applications. The Division has posted all resulting deficiency packages from the review process.

The Readiness to Proceed certification and State Housing Tax Credit materials may be found at https://www.tdhca.texas.gov/apply-funds.

The Pre-Application deficiency packages can be found at https://www.tdhca.texas.gov/competitive-9-housing-tax-credits.

If you have questions about this update or about the 2024 9% HTC cycle, please contact Josh Goldberger at [email protected].