In preparation for the 2021 Competitive (9%) Housing Tax Credit (HTC) application cycle, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) Multifamily Finance Division has posted 2021 Multifamily Uniform Application documents on the agency’s website at http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/multifamily/apply-for-funds.htm. The following documents have been posted:

– REVISED 2021 Multifamily Uniform Application for use in preparing applications for multifamily funding from the Multifamily Finance Division (9% and 4% HTC, Multifamily Bonds, and Multifamily Direct Loan funds). The Revised Application includes updates to Tabs 7, 9, and 48. Specifically, staff revised Tab 7, Part 2 (Site Information Part I, Census Tract Information) in accordance with the 2021 Site Demographic Characteristics Report posted to the TDHCA website. Staff then updated Tab 9, Part 1 (Site Information Part II, Opportunity Index) to show the new distances required for Applicants seeking Opportunity Index points for proposed Developments that are within the required radius of eligible amenities or services under Section 11.9(c)(4)(B)(i) of the 2021 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP). Lastly, staff updated Tab 48 (Tie-Breaker Information) to reflect the 2021 average poverty rate for all awarded 9% HTC Applications from the past three years.

– 2021 Tie Breaker Worksheet for use by those submitting the aforementioned application (9% HTC).

If you have questions about any of the posted documents or the 2021 Competitive (9%) HTC Application cycle, please contact TDHCA Competitive HTC Program Administrator Alena R. Morgan at [email protected] or 512-936-7834.

For questions regarding the 2021 4% HTC/Bond Programs, please contact Teresa Morales at [email protected].

For questions regarding the 2021 Multifamily Direct Loan Program, please contact Charlotte Flickinger at [email protected].