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The TDHCA Board convened their board meeting on October 8, 2020. This meeting was held in a virtual format as authorized by Executive Order of the Governor. See below for a summary of the board actions.

ITEM 3: Presentation, discussion and possible action on a substantial amendment to the 2019 State of Texas Consolidated Plan: One-Year Action Plan; approval of programming for ESG CARES II and CDBG CARES funding; and authority to make awards to identified non-competitive subrecipients Brooke Boston Deputy Director of Programs

  • Item 3 deals with the programming of approximately $206M in federal CARES Act funding for households impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • About $167M for urgent rental assistance including a $10M pilot eviction diversion program; $21M for food banks; $5M relief assistance for persons with disabilities
  • Board approves staff recommendation on Item 3 to make the amendments to the federal plans and the programming of the CARES Act funds (which still will need HUD approval).

ITEM 4: Presentation, discussion, and possible action on Program Year 2020 Emergency Solutions Grants Program Awards Abigail Versyp Director of Single Family & Homeless Programs

  • ESG funds programmed by TDHCA annually. They provide services necessary to help those who are at risk of homelessness or homeless to find permanent housing
  • Board approves recommendation n to make 2020 ESG awards

ITEM 5: Presentation, discussion, and possible action regarding a Material Amendment to the Housing Tax Credit Application 16373 Avondale Farms Seniors Haslet Rosalio Banuelos Director of Asset Management

  • Board approves recommendation to make amendment to the application


  • Presentation, discussion and possible action regarding eligibility under 10 TAC §11.101(a)(3)(B)(ii) related to Neighborhood Risk Factors for W. Leo Daniels (#20482) in Houston Teresa Morales Director of Multifamily Bonds
    • Crime data in the area is not favorable, and clusters of crime have been found around the development. However, the development itself has not proven to be a center for crime. Further, this is a rehabilitation project, so the development is going to be inhabited regardless of the crime rate.
    • Staff recommendation to find the application ineligible due to neighborhood risk factors denied
  • Presentation, discussion, and possible action on a timely filed appeal for HTC Application 20344, Merritt Sunset under the Department’s Multifamily Program Rules

School rating led to administrative deficiency. – no documentation provided to show otherwise. Appeal denied

  • Developer argues School rating decreased because methodology changed. After school tutoring considered a mitigating factor, which was added to the appeal.
  • Only one school has rating issues and campus improvement plans were presented. This is only application in Midland as another application for senior living was withdrawn to make room for this application.
  • Applicant is willing to pay for additional mitigation measures. It was an administrative error to include them
  • Board denies staff recommendation and rules in favor of the applicant’s appeal
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