Charlotte Flickinger is an Illinois attorney with expertise in affordable housing finance. Her background includes directing statewide advocacy, administration, and policy development for affordable housing. She has administered federal and state tax credit, debt, and grant programs; spearheaded legislative advocacy to maintain, expand and create affordable housing programs; and coordinated consolidated planning for housing, economic development, and supportive service programs. Char has also crafted and revised administrative rules and technical guidance in collaboration with attorneys for the state legislature, advocates, and other housing professionals. She is exceptionally skillful at interpreting policies and providing technical assistance to facilitate access to public funding programs, and excels at creating unique partnerships to generate broad support.

Since 2017, Char has worked with developers and community organizations as a funding consultant and project manager for affordable housing and economic development projects in Illinois. Until then, she served successively as the assistant director of the Office of Housing Coordination Services (OHCS), Director of Tax Credit Programs, and Director of Legislative Affairs at the Illinois Housing Development Authority, after initially joining the agency in an entry-level position. Char serves as a board member for Central States Development Partners, a designated Community Development Entity under the New Markets Tax Credit Program, and served as the director of social and political action for Quinn Community Services Alliance of Chicago.

Char may be contacted at [email protected] or 512-475-0538.