The TDHCA Board convened their monthly board meeting on June 25, 2020.  This meeting was held in a virtual format as authorized by Executive Order of the Governor. Here is a summary of the board actions:

  1. Under Item 1g, the Board approved the 2021 Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) State Plan for submission to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USHHS) and the corresponding 2021 awards. TDHCA develops and submits a LIHEAP Plan each year to the USHHS by September 1st of each year.
  2. Under Items 3a, 4a, and 4b, the Board received a report of the Internal Audit and Finance Committee meeting held earlier in the day. The Audit and Finance Committee recommended approval of the 2021 Operating Budget to the full board as well as the 2021 Housing Finance Division Budget.  The operating budget did not include any growth other than the inclusion of CARES Act funding. The Board of Directors adopted both budgets.
  3. Under Item 5a, the Board considered Dispute of the Compliance Division’s Assessment of Applicant’s Compliance history to be reported the Executive Award Review Advisory Committee (EARAC) regarding 3 applications:
    • Virginia Flats (Beaumont)
    • Providence at Buna (Buna)
    • The Ella (Houston)

These properties were classified as Category 3 for compliance purposes, which indicate that events of noncompliance have not been resolved during the corrective action period. The Compliance Division recommends denial of awards for any applicant with a portfolio classified as Category 3. The Itex Group is the common entity for these applications. The board voted to retain Category 3 for these applications.

  1. Under Item 6a, the Board approved a waiver request related to errors in the calculation of application fees for the Laurel Flats application. The waiver was approved because the staff did not review the fee application errors within a timeframe that would have allowed the Applicant to correct the issue within the required 3-day period.
  2. Under Item 6b, the Board reviewed Requests for Administrative Deficiency (RFADs) for the 2020 applications. The Board approved all staff determinations with the exception of application 20177 Avanti Legacy at Valor Heights in McAllen, Texas. For this item, the board reversed the staff recommendation which had indicated that assertions had been addressed. RFADs were addressed for the following applications:
    1. 20018 The Park Tower Fort Worth
    2. 20051 Village at McArdle Corpus Christi
    3. 20054 Gulf Shore Villas Rockport
    4. 20075 New Hope Housing Savoy Houston
    5. 20077 Lockwood South Apartments Houston
    6. 20083 Lakeview Preserve Irving
    7. 20089 Hamilton Wolfe Lofts San Antonio
    8. 20092 Fiesta Trails San Antonio
    9. 20144 The Enchanted Gardens Victoria
    10. 20147 Kestral on Cooper Arlington
    11. 20150 Palmville Homes San Benito
    12. 20177 Avanti Legacy Valor Heights McAllen
    13. 20181 Avanti Valley View Hidalgo
    14. 20184 The Heritage at Abilene Abilene
    15. 20200 Lofts at Temple Medical District Temple
    16. 20223 Campanile on Briar Hollow Houston
    17. 20235 Madisonville Estates Madisonville
    18. 20240 Livingston Pioneer Crossing Livingston
    19. 20264 Juliette Fowler Residences Dallas
    20. 20272 Westwind of Dumas Dumas
    21. 20273 La Grange Springs La Grange
    22. 20309 Los Ebanos Bishop
    23. 20317 Merritt Edge Senior Village Midland
    24. 20329 Fish Pond at Huntsville Huntsville
    25. 20342 The Cottages at Cedar Ridge Elgin
  3. Under Item 6c, the board considered and supported staff determination of application termination for application 20030 Akins East (Austin).
  4. Under Item 6d, the board considered scoring appeals relating to the following applications:
    1. 20092 Fiesta Trails (San Antonio); Board supported staff recommendation of denial.
    2. 20329 Fish Pond at Huntsville (Huntsville); Board approves a waiver and allows for the applicant to be approved for full points since the loss of points was unforeseeable.
    3. 20342 The Cottages at Cedar Ridge (Elgin); Board supported staff recommendation for denial.
  5. Under Item 6e, the Board approved the list of applications under the 9% tax credit program as required by June 30th. The list of approved applications can be seen here: 2020 List of approved applications for 9% Tax Credits.  The approved list removes the following applications:
    • 20030 Akins East (Austin)
    • 20316 Virginia Flats (Beaumont)
    • 20288 Providence at Buna (Buna)
    • 20138 The Ella (Houston)
  6. Vice Chairwoman Bingham acknowledged and provided comments regarding the passing of industry leader, Granger MacDonald.
  7. The board re-opened application 20329 Fish Pond (Huntsville) to accept comment that was not previously taken due to connectivity issues.
  8. The Board meeting was adjourned at 1:03pm.