The TDHCA Board convened their board meeting twice in July with the first on July 14, 2020 followed by its second on July 23, 2020. This meeting was held in a virtual format as authorized by Executive Order of the Governor. Click below for a summary of the board actions.

July 14th meeting highlights:

  • Item 3.a. Request for transfer between section 811 properties. Reasonable accommodation request denial.10 TAC 1.1(c)(4) due to lack of proof of need to transfer due to Disability not being provided, no centralized administration of properties to make transfer possible, and cannot place one tenant ahead of others on the waitlist. This decision was approved.
  • Item 4.a. The appeal for application 20309 Casitas Los Ebanos was withdrawn. No action was taken.
    TDHCA received an RFAB questioning whether the Heritage at Abilene’s application qualifies for points under concerted revitalization plan, or CRP, the rule that 20 details the requirements for a CRP to be eligible. Staff found documentation did not meet the requirements.
  • Abilene did not complete process of creating a localized plan, did not provide documentation for the public input process, and the old Town South superneighborhood from the Comprehensive Plan map does not match boundaries for the neighborhood empowerment zone (and the zone has no plan of its own). Appeal was denied on these grounds
  • 4.b. Presentation, discussion, and possible action on timely filed appeals of application termination under 10 TAC §11.902 of the 2020 Qualified Allocation Plan 20116 Dian Street Villas Houston. Appeal was withdrawn.
  • 4.c. Report of Third Party Request for Administrative Deficiency under 10 TAC §11.10 of the 2020 Qualified Allocation Plan for 20177 Avanti Legacy Valor Heights, McAllen. Third party claimed that the development was within 300 ft of junkyard.
  • The applicant provided the following information: McAllen prohibits trade of metals, scrap and junk; the property owner does not store junk; the facility is used for automotive repairs for personal collection of vehicles, and the owner is maintaining for personal use.
  • Staff decided property does not meet definition of place to store or buy junk.
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:06 am

July 23rd meeting highlights:

  • Removed from the consent agenda. Application 20317 Merritt Edge in Midland was withdrawn; application removed.
  • Board approved Item 1 and 2 as the consent agenda.
  • Item 3a. Proposed capital budget for the next biennium will require an estimated $2,402,000 in appropriated receipts and federal funds—increase due to proposed upgrade to our compliance monitoring and tracking system. Recommendation to amend rider 11 to exclude appropriated receipts associated with migrant labor housing facility licensing fees from its provisions.
  • Board approved report & Policy recommendations relating to the 2022-2023 Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR).
  • Item 4a. Relating to Blue Flame Apartments in El Paso, was pulled from the Agenda.
  • Item 5a. Board approved issuance of $26 million in MF Revenue Bonds relating to the Pecan Grove development. The 198 units in Seguin, Texas will serve families at or below 60% AMI. Board also waived poverty rate rules for this development.
  • Item 5b. Board approved multifamily unrated tax-exempt note in the amount of $28 million and $1.3 million in 4% tax credits for the Houston Vermillion Apartments. The development contains 260 units serving the general public.
  • Item 5c. Board approves amendments to the Junior Lien Trust Indenture, authorizing the issuance, sale and delivery of Junior Lien single family Mortgage Revenue and Refunding Bonds. Action will support an estimated $2B in single family mortgages.
  • Item 6a. Board approves $81,690,834 million in awards from the 2020 Competitive Housing Tax Credit Application Round, including 71 applications. Applications can be found at:
  • Meeting adjourned at 10:29am.