The TDHCA convened its board meeting at 10:01 am on January 12, 2023, at the Capital Extension, Hearing Room E2.030, 1100 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701

January 12 Meeting Summary

TAAHP Staff attended the board meeting and summarized its main takeaways. TDHCA has uploaded the video recording if you would like to watch full meeting.


Bobby Wilkinson, Executive Director

  • Pre-Application 9% Cycle – 216 preapplications received, less applications than last year

  • Multifamily staff tallied the supplemental notices and intents received – 62 notices of intent from applicants that were awarded in 2021. $11.8 million expected in supplemental credit requests. This will have a significant impact on the new round – with fewer applicants being funded.

  • Homeowner assistance fund (HAF) is active. The HAF program is federally funded that can help Texan residents with overdue mortgage payments, property tax, homeowners’ insurance, HOA fees and now recently utilities assistance. Half has been funded or approved. TDHCA has disbursed $296 million and serving 28,095 households. Average assistance amount is over $10,716 per applicant. 26 intake centers around the state.

  • The Texas Utility Help program is available to homeowners and renters, and its past due utility payments. Received 10,000 applications. And to qualify, household income must be at or below 150% of federal poverty income, which is a much lower threshold than the percent AMI. And at least one occupant in the household must be a U.S. citizen or qualified alien. It’s a federal requirement.

  • Texas Supreme Court emergency order establishing eviction dispersion program extended through March 2023.


Rosalio Banuelos; Director Of Asset Management

Presentation, discussion, and possible action on an order adopting the amended 10 TAC Chapter 10 Subchapter E, Post Award and Asset Management Requirements, and directing its publication for adoption in the Texas Register

  • The Board approved the publication of the proposed amendments to 10 TAC Subchapter E, concerning Post Award and Asset Management Requirements at the meeting on October 13, 2022, to be published in the Texas Register for public comment.
  • The proposed amendments were published in the October 28, 2022, issue of the Texas Register and made available for public comment from October 28, 2022, through November 18, 2022.
  • TAAHP’s Executive Director submitted comments on the proposed amendments.
  • In its letter, TAAHP recommended changing the fair housing training requirement from 2 years to 5 years to eliminate administrative burden.
    • TDHCA staff determined that the change cannot be made to the rule because 1) it would conflict with another section of the QAP and 2) Certified certified fair housing training providers must include the most up-to-date guidance from HUD and their trainings are changed to 5 years, it is possible that new guidance could be missed.
  • TAAHP also submitted comments regarding §10.401(b)(5) – Construction Status Report (All Multifamily Developments).
    • TAAHP suggested inserting “(initial submission only)” to the language in §10.401(b)(5) in order to avoid requiring the construction start date to be identified on all subsequent Third-Party construction inspection reports
    • TDHCA staff agrees with TAAHP and recommends adoption of the suggested change. That is the only change to the rule from what was proposed for public comment.
  • Staff recommends that the amended rules be approved for adoption.


Naomi Cantu; HOME American Rescue Plan Director

Presentation, discussion, and possible action regarding an award to Burnet Place Apartments Application Number 22722 from the special purpose HOME American Rescue Plan National Housing Trust Fund set-aside, as described

  • This application for HOME-ARP demonstrated a significant total development cost increase, with the largest increase in total development cost of $7.9 million (a 75% increase) since the original underwriting was performed on the NHTF application in 2020.
  • This is a supportive housing project, which requires more expensive common area spaces (commercial kitchen).
  • The board initially expressed concern with the increase in cost and the organization’s relatively small size.
  • Commenters provided the board more context on the use of HOME-ARP Funds. These funds are meant for Supportive Housing that targets this vulnerable population. The HOME-ARP NOFA also includes capacity funding for these types of organizations to create supportive housing. There are not enough developers that engage in this type of development. They want to incentivize it more.
  • The Board approves the award of $6,318,646 in HOME-ARP funds for gap financing of Burnet Place Apartments under Application #22722

Meeting adjourned at 12:06

The next TDHCA board meeting is on February 9, 2023.