Because TDHCA offices are closed to the public at this time, it is not possible to receive multifamily application fee payments in person as TDCHA has done in the past. Applicants who wish to have immediate evidence that their payment has been received by the Department should send them via a carrier that provides electronic evidence of delivery, such as Fed Ex. Dropping off payments is discouraged and the Department will not be able to provide a receipt for any hand-delivered checks.

Applicants in the 2021 9% Pre-Application cycle are particularly reminded to send their payments early, in order that they are received before the 5 p.m., Austin local time, deadline on Friday, January 8, 2021. Payments received for applications that are not submitted in a timely manner will be refunded upon request.

Please contact the following appropriate program administrator with questions regarding application fees:

– Bonds and 4% HTC Program: Multifamily Bond Director, Teresa Morales, at [email protected].

– 9% HTC Program: Competitive Housing Tax Credit Program Administrator, Alena Morgan, at [email protected].

– Direct Loan Program: Multifamily Direct Loan Program Manager, Charlotte Flickinger, at [email protected].