The TDHCA convened its board meeting at 10:02am on April 11, 2024, at the Greer Bldg, 125 East 11th Street Austin, Texas 78701.

April 11 Meeting Summary

TAAHP Staff attended the board meeting and summarized its main takeaways.

Consent Agenda Approved


  • Resolution Recognizing April as Fair Housing Month
  • Resolution Recognizing May as Community Action Month

AGENDA ITEM 13: Executive Director’s Report

Bobby Wilkinson Executive Director, TDHCA

Homeowner assistance fund (HAF) is in phase 3. The HAF program is federally funded that can help Texan residents with overdue mortgage payments, property tax, homeowners’ insurance, HOA fees and now recently utilities assistance. Very little appeals left.

  • Texas leads the nation in the number of applications received and households assisted. Above national average of total allocation expended – at 81.7%.
  • TDHCA Response to Wildfires – Allocated 1.2 million in CDBG funds for the fires. Promoted resource information on the website.

AGENDA ITEM 19: Multifamily Bond

Presentation, discussion, and possible action regarding a Material Amendment to the Housing Tax Credit Application for The Arbor at Centerbrook (HTC #14285)

  • The Arbor at Centerbrook (the Development) received an award of 9% Housing Tax Credits (HTCs) in 2014 for the construction of 80 multifamily units in the City of Live Oak, Bexar County APC Live Oak I, Ltd. (the Development Owner or Owner) requests approval to remove a portion of land from the encumbrances of the Land Use Restriction Agreement (LURA)
  • The proposed change includes decreasing the size of the site from 13.13 acres to 9.72 acres, which results in a 35.08% increase in residential density, going from 6.093 units per acre to 8.23 units per acre.
  • Board approves staff recommendation to approve the material amendment request from The Arbor at Centerbrook

AGENDA ITEM 23: Housing Resource Center

Presentation, Discussion, and Possible Action on the draft 2024 State of Texas Consolidated Plan: One-Year Action Plan

  • The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (“the Department” or “TDHCA”) has developed the draft 2024 State of Texas Consolidated Plan: One-Year Action Plan (the Plan), which reports on the intended use of funds received by the State of Texas from HUD for Program Year (PY) 2024, beginning on September 1, 2024, and ending on August 31, 2025
  • A public comment period will be open from Monday, April 22, 2024, through Wednesday, May 22, 2024, and a public hearing will be held on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, to garner input on the Plan;
  • The Board approves staff recommendation put out for public comment the draft 2024 State of Texas Consolidated Plan: One-Year Action Plan.


AGENDA ITEM 26: Multifamily Finance

Presentation, discussion, and possible action on a waiver of 10 TAC §11.9(d)(5) related to Community Support from State Representative for Heritage Estates at Valley Ridge (#24134)

  • This Application received a letter from the State Representative expressing neutrality, which results in zero points being awarded under the rules
  • The Representative submitted a second letter that was intended to rescind the initial letter of neutrality, which is disallowed by the rule
  • The statutory provisions upon which this section of the QAP is based (Tex. Gov’t Code §2306.6710(b)(1)(J); .6710(f)-(g)) contain the same evaluation criteria, but do not expressly prohibit the change or withdrawal of a State Representative’s written statement.
  • Applicant timely submitted a waiver with Application that asks the Board to waive 10 TAC §11.8(d), which states that, “once a letter is submitted to the Department it may not be changed or withdrawn;”
  • The Board approves the HTC rule waiver request from Heritage Estates at Valley Ridge related to Community Support from State Representative


AGENDA ITEM 31: Multifamily Finance

Presentation, discussion, and possible action on a determination of eligibility related to Undesirable Site Features for Palms at Morris (#24124)

  • Palms at Morris is a 2024 9% competitive housing tax credit Application that requests $1,722,000 in housing tax credits for the new construction of 72 units in Corpus Christi, Nueces County.
  • The proposed Development Site for Palms at Morris is located within two miles of three refineries that are capable of refining this volume of oil
  • The Applicant provided several items to support the mitigation of the Undesirable Site Features. These items include a letter from the Planning and Community Development Department of Corpus Christi that expresses support for the Development on behalf of the City, as evidenced by the Resolution of Support issued by City Council on February 13, 2024. The letter further explains that many prominent areas of Corpus Christi are located within two miles of a refinery, including the downtown urban core, City Hall, and existing residential developments, and asks that the Department find the site eligible.
  • Staff reviewed the submitted documentation and is unable to conclusively determine that it constitutes acceptable mitigation. HUD’s regulations are informative, but do not directly apply to the Department’s programs, and it is not clear how support from the municipality mitigates the presence of an Undesirable Site Feature. Staff recommends that the Board find the site ineligible.
  • The Board determines that the site of Palms at Morris is not ineligible under the HTC rules.


Meeting adjourned at 12:47 AM

The next TDHCA board meeting is on May 9, 2024