The TDHCA Board convened their monthly board meeting on April 23, 2020.  Here is a summary of the board actions:

  1. The Board passed two resolutions: (1) celebrating May 2020 as Community Action Month in Texas – observing the hard work and dedication of Texas Community Action agencies and (2) marking May 2020 as National Mobility Awareness Month, honoring how Persons with Disability live active, mobile lifestyles, and raise awareness of the mobility solutions available in the local community.
  2. The Board approved the Consent agenda.
  3. Item 3a: Board approved the use of Homeless Housing and Services Program (HHSP) funds for past-due mortgage payments or late fees incurred on or after March 13th to August 31st, 2020. Homeowners eligible for this funding cannot be eligible for mortgage loan relief offered in the CARES Act or have assets greater than $2000. Additionally, applicants must meet income eligibility limits as adopted by the HHSP subrecipient or 30% AMI.
  4. Item 4b & 4c: Board approved the issuance of MF Green Tax-Exempt Bonds for Oaks on Clark Apartments and issuance of Governmental Notes on Granada Terrance Apartments.
  5. Item 5b: Board approved $4M in TCAP RF for Palladium Port Aransas.
  6. Item 5c: The Board approved staff recommendation to grant four points for QCP to the 36 – 2020 HTC applications. TDHCA staff changed the application to include a self-score box for QCP points, confusing applicants. The Board voted to allow staff to increase points of applications due to this change of the application form.
  7. Item 5d: Board approved the use of the second state representative letter for Kestrel on Cooper due to a mistake made by the State Rep’s office. Board denied the waiver on the elderly development, Farm Street Village, re: the exclusion of an elevator. Stakeholder feedback included meeting this requirement for accessibility and in cases of
  8. Item 6a: The Board approved all the Compliance Rules except for 10.614 Utility Allowances to table the discussion on changes to Utility Allowance. These rules will be discussed at a later date.
  9. Item 6b&c: The Board adopted the new 10 TAC Chapter 1, Subchapter C, Previous Participation and Executive Award Review Advisory Committee and 10 TAC, Chapter 10, Subchapter G, Affirmative Marking Requirements and Written Policies and Procedures.
  10. Item 7a: The Board approved $47.5M in CSBG funding available through the CARES Act for low-income Texans in all counties – to be used by September 2022.
  11. Item 7b: The Board approved $89.3 M in LIHEAP funding available through the CARES Act allocated for all Texas counties – to be used by September 2021.
  12. Item 7c: The Board approved $40M in CDBG-CV funding available through the CARES Act to be expended by September 2022. The agency is working with the Office of the Governor on how best to use these funds, identifying any gaps in meeting the needs emergency needs of low-income Texans.
  13. Item 7d: The Board approved $33.3 ESG funding available through the CARES Act – awarded to Continuum of Care (CoC) lead agencies or service-only CoC contracts. An additional ESG funding, at $38.5M will be directly allocated to several cities and counties in Texas by HUD.
  14. Item 7e: The Board approved the reprogramming of $11.9M in deobligated HOME Funding for Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) for COVID-19 activities – allocated to HOME TBRA administrators. The Governor waived the statute requirement that these funds be allocated based on the Regional Allocation Formula and other HOME rules to use funds in a more flexible manner. Waivers for these funds to end on December 31, 2020 unless otherwise stated by HUD.
  15. Item 7f: The Board approved the use of Reserve for Replacement Account funds for MF property owners/developers to provide emergency rent assistance to households impacted by COVID-19.
  16. Item 7g: The Board approved staff’s recommendation to waive the requirement of mitigation relating to school performance for 4% HTC or Direct Loan funds. Due to COVID-19 response actions taken by the Governor and the TEA Commissioner, staff does not believe school officials will be able to provide actual data and progress that has been made under any Campus Improvement Plans currently in effect.

Link to Video of Board Meeting

The next TDHCA meeting will be May 21st, 2020. Time and location to be determined.