This is a TDHCA email reminder that the 2021 Annual Owner’s Compliance Report (AOCR) and the Annual Owner’s Financial Certification (AOFC) are due April 30, 2022. The reports are available in the Compliance Monitoring Tracking System (CMTS) located on the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affair (TDHCA) webpage at https://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/pmcomp/reports.htm.

The first report is due the second year after an award. If you received an award in 2020, even if the property is still under construction, the report is due by April 30, 2022. If your property has no occupancy, all parts of the report are still due including submitting a blank Unit Status Report (USR).

If you have any TDHCA-issued Tax Exempt Bonds, Part D must also be submitted by uploading the filed Form 8703 for the preceding calendar year to the Property’s CMTS account. Be sure to select “IRS Form 8703” as the document type, and to the attention of Sussette Kenney.

For questions related to topics in this email, please contact the following:

– Issues with CMTS: [email protected];

– AOFC: your property’s Asset Manager, who can be identified at https://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/asset-management/contacts.htm;

– Parts A, B or C: TDHCA Director of Multifamily Compliance Wendy Quackenbush at 512-305-8860 or at [email protected]; or

– Part D: TDHCA Compliance Monitor Sussette Kenney at 512-475-1273 or at [email protected].