The HOME-ARP Rental Housing Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) was approved by the TDHCA Governing Board on December 8, 2022. The 2023-2 HOME-ARP Rental Housing NOFA is available online at https://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/nofa.htm.

HOME-ARP Rental Housing Application materials are available at https://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/multifamily/special-initiatives.htm, and are to be used in conjunction with the Uniform Multifamily Development Application materials posted at https://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/multifamily/apply-for-funds.htm.

New applicants are applicants with projects that have not previously received awards for TDHCA funding, such as applicants with no awards for 9% Housing Tax Credits, 4% Housing Tax Credits, HOME annual, National Housing Trust Fund, or other multifamily direct loan funding. New applicants should use the 2023.3 Uniform MF Application (or later version) and 2023 Uniform MF Application Manual as well as the 2023 HOME-ARP Supplemental Manual for New Applicants. The 2023 HOME-Supplemental Manual for New Applicants provides guidance on the HOME-ARP specific tabs in the Uniform MF Application and lists additional required attachments.

Gap Financing Applicants are applicants that have already received an award from the Department for multifamily funding (9% Housing Tax Credits, 4% Housing Tax Credits, HOME, National Housing Trust Fund, or other multifamily direct loan funding), and are now submitting an application for HOME-ARP. Gap Financing Applicants should update the existing Uniform MF Application they have completed for their existing award, and also submit the 2023 HOME-ARP Supplemental Application for Gap Financing. The 2023 HOME-ARP Manual for Gap Financing provides guidance on the updates to the existing Uniform MF Application, the HOME-ARP Supplemental Application, and lists additional required attachments.

Webinars are being conducted on the above materials, and registration information is also available at https://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/multifamily/special-initiatives.htm. Staff anticipates posting the recorded webinars online for those who cannot attend the live webinar dates.

Please send any questions about the above to Tiara Hardaway, HOME-ARP Manager, at [email protected].