2020 U.S. Census data has now been made available to states, allowing Texas to begin its redistricting process. The new data will impact the amount of housing tax credit funding the state receives, and the redistricting process while redefine census tracts. More information will be available once the Texas Legislature completes the redistricting process.

The data files and information on TLC’s redistricting resources, are available for download on TLC’s website.

The fifteen member committee on redistricting has jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:

    • legislative districts, both house and senate, and any changes or amendments;
    • congressional districts, their creation, and any changes or amendments;
    • establishing districts for the election of judicial officers or of governing bodies or representatives of political subdivisions or state agencies as required by law; and
    • preparations for the redistricting process.

    The public can participate in the redistricting hearings that will be held once the population count data is available in RedAppl. The hearings will be held at the Texas Capitol, with an opportunity for virtual participation. Additional details regarding these upcoming hearings will be released at a later date.