From Dallas Weekly

State Rep. Eric Johnson filed his “anti-corruption” bill, HB 4370, removes “letters of support” from state representatives, municipalities and and county officials that give elected officials “veto” power in the scoring process for housing tax credit applications to build affordable housing across the state of Texas.

Rep. Johnson points to the recent case where a Dallas City Council member pleaded guilty for accepting bribes from a real estate developer in exchange for her support of an affordable housing tax credit property. Even more troublesome is that several elected officials in Dallas have been prosecuted for similar crimes.

“This bill takes direct aim at the corruption that has infected this process,” said Rep. Johnson, D-Dallas. “Too many elected officials have abused the public’s trust in order to enrich themselves, and we can’t tolerate that any longer. We absolutely need affordable housing in Dallas and across the state, but the current process needs reform.”

Rep. Johnson has made a longtime commitment to ethics reform with this latest bill adding to his efforts.

House Urban Affairs Committee Chairwoman Rep. Angie Chen Button appeared with Rep. Johnson at a press conference showing her support for the measure to remove the letters of support from the QAP process. Chairwoman Button has filed her own bill to combat corruption related to affordable housing tax credits.