San Antonio’s Housing Bond Committee unanimously approved the spending plan for its $150 million housing bond to fund affordable housing projects and programs. The City Council will review the plan next month and finalize the ballot language in February. The bond ballot will go before voters in May.

The spending plan allocates:

  • $45 million for home rehabilitation and preservation, prioritizing homes at risk for demolition.
  • $40 million for rental housing acquisition, rehabilitation, or preservation.
  • $35 million for the production of rental units.
  • $25 million to provide permanent housing for chronically homeless individuals.
  • $5 million to produce single-family homes.

Most of the meeting discussion revolved around setting the AMI levels that the bond would target. These were the AMI targets approved.

  • Homeownership rehabilitation and preservation for households making up to 50% AMI while prioritizing 30% AMI
  • Rental housing acquisition, rehabilitation, and preservation for public and income-based households making up to 30% AMI
  • Permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness to facilitate a “housing first” approach
  • Rental housing production and acquisition to prioritize public and income-based housing for households making up to 50% AMI while prioritizing 30% AMI
  • Homeownership production for households making up to 80% AMI while prioritizing those making 60% AMI and below.

The Housing Bond Committee’s recommendations will be compiled into a resolution for City Council approval early next year. The category funding or AMI targets can still be adjusted through a majority vote of the council.

Important upcoming dates:

  • January 12, 2022: Community Bond Committee Presentations to City Council
  • February 10, 2022: City Council approves the project list and calls the election.
  • May 2022: Election

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