The City of San Antonio announces the launch of Housing Base, a new website platform that will help renters find affordable rental units throughout the city.

The Housing Base website, HousingBaseSanAntonio.com, went live April 10. The website will allow renters to create a profile that will filter housing options based on their needs. Social workers will have the ability to conduct multiple searches to determine the best of several affordable housing options for their clients. The search tool will use information provided by the City and community housing partners.

“We’re excited to welcome Housing Base to San Antonio,” said Mayor Ron Nirenberg. “This partnership aligns with our mission to create and maintain affordable housing opportunities for our residents. Housing Base’s innovative platform will be a valuable resource for the community and a significant step forward in addressing the affordable housing challenges in our city.”

Housing Base is a longer-term strategy and solution to help people in San Antonio search for housing options by property features and proximity to community amenities such as public transit, grocery stores, health clinics, public parks, community centers and other critical social services. Residents can also find properties that accept Housing Choice Vouchers or have screening criteria that are flexible for people with previous evictions or certain criminal records.

“Housing Base empowers residents to search for housing based on the unique needs of a family beyond price and location,” said Veronica Garcia, Director of Neighborhood and Housing Services. “Having options allows a family to keep positive momentum as they make one of the most important decisions – where to call home.”

Housing Base’s development team worked with the City’s Neighborhood and Housing Services Department and community stakeholders to create a platform that would make a significant, positive change for those looking for affordable housing in San Antonio.

“We are thrilled to partner with the City of San Antonio, the Neighborhood and Housing Services Department, and community housing partners to align our innovative platform with the city’s Strategic Housing Implementation Plan,” said Juan Cano, Housing Base’s CEO. “Together, we can help bridge the gap between low-income families and the affordable housing options they need, making it easier for them to find a safe, stable place to call home and contributing to the city’s vision of creating stable, healthy neighborhoods.”

For more information about Housing Base and how it is supporting the City of San Antonio’s Strategic Housing Implementation Plan, visit SanAntonio.gov/nhsd.