A former AISD board member has developed a new website to assist teachers and parents to find housing they can afford while still living within a school’s boundaries. The effort was created to keep kids from being uprooted simply because their parents can no longer afford to live in the same place when rents are raised or property taxes become too high.

“It’s not just an issue in Austin ISD. It’s a statewide issue, as well as a national issue,” said Doyle Valdez who served on the board from 1998 to 2006.

When parents find themselves in a tough situation, often kids bear the brunt by having to switch schools every time the lease is up. The situation causes many students to fall behind in their schoolwork and also face upward battles in maintaining friendships that help create stability in their lives.

Valdez said that’s why he created Mobility Blueprint. It’s a home search tool that shows school boundaries.

“What we’re trying to do is be proactive and say let’s help our families stay within the boundaries of their schools, so their children can keep the same teachers and the same peer group,” he said.