The Opportunity Starts at Home Campaigned commissioned a survey of 1,000 adults to measure attitudes toward housing affordability. Some of the poll’s findings included:

  • 74% support policies that expand investments in housing development programs that will build more housing units that are affordable for low-income people. This is the majority view across the political spectrum
  • 73% support policies that ensure that many newly constructed housing units are affordable for households with the lowest incomes and are located in neighborhoods that are safe, have good schools, and have good job prospects
  • 68% support policies that expand funding to provide critical infrastructure repairs to public housing units, addressing a $70 billion backlog of needs that would improve the health and living conditions for millions of residents.
  • Nearly 9 in 10 (89%) respondents—including 79% of Republicans–said that it was important to them personally that their elected officials work to make sure there is enough affordable housing available. Only 11% said it was not important at all.