Pro Forma Calculator Tool


NAHB  is seeking pro formas to use in their creation of an IZ calculator.  NAHB is seeking project-specific pro formas for single-family and multifamily developments of all sizes. Any project that has been approved or completed is acceptable. Projects involving inclusionary zoning are ideal but all development examples are welcome.

The pro formas will be treated confidentially and any identifying features of the pro forma will be removed to ensure confidentiality. 

NAHB values your input and involvement and would appreciate any pro formas that you are willing to share.  If you know of other resources we can turn to for this, that is also very welcome. 

Please respond to:


Crystal Jackson

Director, Multifamily Council


National Association of Home Builders

1201 15th Street NW

Washington, DC 20005


D: (202)266-8207  T: (800)368-4242 x8207 

[email protected]