Funding will assist efforts to address high-priority environmental health and safety hazards

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced the availability of $40 million through the Healthy Homes Production Grant Program to help transform communities by fixing older housing, preserving affordable housing, and improving communities and the health of children and families in these communities.

“Access to safe, stable, and affordable housing is a critical social determinant of health and a priority of this Department,” said Secretary Marcia L. Fudge. “These grants will help protect families and children from health and safety hazards and support community efforts to provide healthy and sustainable housing for their most vulnerable residents.”

The Healthy Homes Production Program (HHP) is part of HUD’s overall Healthy Homes Initiative; which enables communities to address multiple housing-related hazards in a comprehensive fashion, instead of one hazard at a time. The HHP program helps children and other vulnerable residents reach their full potential by preventing injuries and diseases, lowering healthcare costs, and improving their overall quality of life.

The program builds upon HUD’s successful Lead Hazard Control programs to expand HUD’s efforts to address environmental health and safety hazards.

Those receiving a Healthy Homes Production Award will be expected to accomplish the following objectives, among others:

  • Find and eliminate housing-related health and safety hazards in privately owned, low-income rental and/or owner-occupied housing, especially in units and/or buildings where families with children, older adults 62 years and older, or families with persons with disabilities live;
  • Conduct public education and outreach activities that raises awareness of housing-related health and safety hazards and that identifies individuals and families for grant services;
  • Develop a professional workforce that is trained in conducting healthy homes assessments;
  • Develop partnerships to assist in meeting program goals; and
  • Promote collaboration, data sharing, and targeting between health and housing departments.

Applications for the grant program funds are due Tuesday, October 18, 2022, by 11:59pm ET.

Click HERE to read more information on the HHP, including full eligibility requirements.