From Texas A&M Real Estate Center

Both Texas and the nation have experienced growing affordability since recovering from the GR, but the affordability gap between the state and the nation has narrowed since 2014. Texas ranked 25th among states in 2017 mainly due to its recent slowdown in affordability (just above Washington D.C.).

Among Texas cities for which data were available since 2005, Odessa ranked first in average homeownership affordability from 2005 to 2017 with an affordability ratio of 5.17 (Table 3). Midland followed with 5.01, then Abilene, 4.92; The Woodlands, 4.86; and Longview, 4.84. Laredo, with an affordability ratio of 3.81, was the least affordable city followed by Brownsville, 3.86; Garland, 4.04; Dallas, 4.06; and Grand Prairie, 4.18.