Analysis provided by Leticia Van De Putte, Andrade-Van de Putte & Associates

This has been a Texas election season for the record books! Texans shattered the early vote numbers with 9.7 million casting their ballots before Oct 30, 2020, surpassing the 9 million TOTAL votes cast in the 2016 elections.

By last night, over 11 million Texans had cast their ballots.

President Donald Trump won Texas over Vice-President Joe Biden 52.3% – 46.3%. This set the pattern for Republican incumbents to withstand Democratic challengers in the U.S. Congressional and Texas House races.

Texas Senate

Current Makeup: Republicans – 19, Democrats-12   |   January 2021: Republicans – 18, Democrats – 13

The sprawling Senate District-19 will now be represented by Rep. Roland Gutierrez, (D) of San Antonio who defeated incumbent Sen. Pete Flores, (R) of Pleasanton 50% to 47%. Flores was first elected in a special election in September 2018.

Senate District-19 spans from southern Bexar County to the South Texas border and west to Big Bend and includes the communities of Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Alpine.


Senate District 19

Texas House

Current Makeup: Republicans – 83, Democrats – 67   |   January 2021: Republicans – 83, Democrats – 67

The Democrats only needed nine seats to take control of the House. Both parties have been intensely engaged with thirty-four (34) battleground districts in play and spent a record combined $40 million including in-kind donations. Although a few votes are still being counted, the Texas House looks to remain exactly the same. The only changes were two seats in Harris County where an incumbent Republican and Democrat each lost their seats.

House District 134: Incumbent Rep. Sarah Davis (R) lost to Ann Johnson (D) 47.7% to 52.3%


House District 134

House District 132: Incumbent Rep. Gina Calanni (D) lost to Mike Schofield (R) 48.2%47.7% to 51.8%


House District 132

Although this election cycle produced few changes in the ratio of Republicans and Democrats, TAAHP retained a very good friend in Rep. Angie Chen Button of Garland but lost Rep. Gina Calanni in Katy who has been very supportive of affordable housing having authored bills for Houston last session. Former Rep. Mike Schofield reclaimed his seat and has a decidedly more “suburban” view of TAAHP’s issues. To date all Republican Speaker candidates are from the rural areas of Texas.

With the defeat of Sen.Pete Flores to Rep. Roland Gutierrez, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick will need to change the 3/5ths rule to prevent a Democratic block of bills to be brought to the Senate Floor.

On many issues, the Lt. Gov. will need every vote to pass a bill. He often relies on Sen. Eddie Lucio, making our friend the most important Democrat in the Senate.


Race for House Speaker

Since Republicans will remain in control of the House, current members who have filed for Speaker include Reps. Chris Paddie of Marshall, Dade Phelan of Beaumont, Geanie Morrison of Victoria, and Trent Ashby of Lufkin. However, it was reported last week that Rep. Morrison has withdrawn her candidacy and endorsed Rep. Ashby.