The RAD Supplemental Notice published this July requires Public Housing Authorities (PHA) to analyze a property’s hazard risk by use of FEMA’s National Risk Index. If climate hazards are identified, PHAs are required to create a property-wide disaster plan including, among other items, an evacuation plan that describes safe egress route(s), plans for evacuating residents with disabilities and special needs, and clear communication of the evacuation plan and safety resources for residents. To help PHAs and their partners develop property-specific plans, HUD created the Multifamily Disaster Preparedness Template. The template is a model document that users can fill out to establish a Disaster Plan. It references best practices for disaster and evacuation planning and provides resources for users to learn more as they consider their property’s needs. It is designed to guide users through the process of gathering appropriate information and resident input, drafting a plan, and educating residents and staff about the plan.