From San Antonio Express News

The race for who will be San Antonio’s next mayor is heating up with affordable housing expected to be a key differentiating factor between the two candidates. Incumbent Mayor Ron Nirenberg is squaring off against Councilman Greg Brockhouse, who has been what Nirenberg describes as “chaotic” and “divisive.”

Nirenberg plans to rally voters on issues he has championed such as modernizing the transportation system in the city, a sizeable $25 million investment on the first phase of an expansion of affordable housing as well as a climate plan to make the city carbon-netural by 2050. Nirenberg says San Antonio has “economic momentum” and is statistically “fully employed.”

On the other hand, Brockhouse has indicated his message will focus on jobs, wages, transparency and public safety. Brockhouse is at odds with Nirenberg’s plan for affordable housing and says he would instead reduce fees on construction to help make new homes more affordable.