City of Austin

  1. Proposition A: The $250 million in General Obligation (GO) bonds and notes would go toward affordable rental housing, homeownership programs, home repairs and acquiring land for future use.
  2. Proposition G: The $160 million in GO Bonds and notes would go towards repairing, replacing, or upgrading existing transportation infrastructure components throughout the City. This includes existing streets, curbs ramps, sidewalks, and drainage.
  3. Proposition J:  A new city ordinance would be adopted to require both a waiting period and voter approval to make major changes (comprehensive revisions) to the City’s land development code. This new process could take up to three years.

City of Houston

  1. Proposition A: The city charter would be amended to establish a dedicated pay-as-you-go fund for flooding, drainage, and street repair projects, a continuation from the voter authorized 2010 Rebuild Houston Street and Drainage Program.

City of San Antonio

  1. Proposition A: The city charter would be amended to expand the types of ordinances that would be subject to public vote – including, but not limited to, levying a tax, zoning and rezoning of property, fixing public utility rates, etc. The charter would be amended to increase the number of days from 40 to 180 days for a petition that can be filed for a referendum after City Council approval on an ordinance and that no more than 20,000 signatures of registered are required a referendum petition.