TDHCA is still in its research and input phase for the 2023 QAP development plan. Activities in this phase include; Research and Data analysis, intensive virtual workgroups, in-person roundtables, and surveys.

Remaining Engagement Opportunities:


Work Group 2: Underserved and Tax Credit Density Points


Work Group 3: Tenant Right of First Refusal


In-Person Roundtables


All three Roundtables will be at the following location:   HHSC Winters Building, located at 701 W. 51st Street, in Room 125W/125C, Austin, TX 78751


Past engagement activities:

On March 30th, TDHCA hosted its first 2023 QAP roundtable where the conversation focused on cost containment, readiness to proceed, underserved points, and supportive housing. TDHCA released a document, Summary of On Cost Containment including Cost/sf scoring, before the roundtable for the public to review. There was a strong representation of TAAHP members at this meeting.


Timeline for 2023 QAP:

2023 QAP Timeline
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