On November 6, the Texas General Land Office (GLO) posted the Draft State of Texas 2021 Winter Storms Action Plan for $43,632,000 in Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery(CDBG-DR) funds, These funds were allocated to Texas by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for disaster recovery for areas affected by the 2021 Winter Storms (DR-4586) from Feb. 11-21, 2021.

  • The 2021 Winter Storms (21WS) HUD MID Counties Program ($30,459,000) –
    Provides funding for infrastructure improvements and/or the rehabilitation, reconstruction, and new construction of affordable multifamily housing within the HUD MID counties. This program will allow for specific projects in the HUD designated “most impacted and distressed” counties of Dallas, Harris, and Tarrant. Included in these program funds are the Mitigation Set-aside funds ($5.691 million) HUD provides for CDBG-DR grantees to mitigate against future similar disasters in the affected areas.
  • The 2021 Winter Storms (21WS) Fire Facilities and Protective Measures (FFPM)
    Program ($7,500,000) – Provides funding for disaster relief, long-term recovery, and restoration of fire protection facilities for the remaining 251 Secondary MID counties impacted by the 2021 Winter Storms. The program will allow for the recovery of fire protection facilities and allow for improvements and equipment, while also allowing for permanently affixed power generator public facility needs that are essential during winter storm events.

Additionally, the GLO held a virtual public hearing on November 16, 2023 to gather community input on the draft action plan. The public comment period ended on December 6. Per federal requirements, the GLO will consider and respond to all public comments before the final Action Plan is sent to HUD.