During his 30-year-plus tenure with Texas state government, David Cervantes has been responsible for the overall administrative and fiscal management, accounting and financial reporting for the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (“TDHCA”).  In his role as Director of Administration, Mr. Cervantes oversees an agency budget of $28 million annually and manages the divisions of Financial Administration, Information Systems (including Information Technology security), and Human Resources.  

TDHCA’s Financial Administration Division includes Accounting Operations, Financial Services, Budget, Payroll, Travel, Purchasing and Staff Services.  The Division is also responsible for the coordination of information and planning related to the state budget/appropriations process.  The annual financial audit, conducted by an independent auditor, is facilitated through the Financial Administration Division; in conjunction with Bond Finance, this Division monitors the financial status of the bonds and performs all responsibilities of the Department in accordance with the bond covenants stated in the bonds’ legal documents. 

Mr. Cervantes received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and his Master of Business Administration from Southwest Texas State University.  He is a member of the Government Finance Officers’ Association and a graduate of the 2002 inaugural class of the Texas Fiscal Officers’ Academy.

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