As part of TAAHP’s education campaign for elected officials, TAAHP hosted one of two complimentary luncheons and presentations for Texas legislators and their staff on September 12th at the Texas Capitol. The presentation provided information about the affordable housing industry in Texas and various policy changes that can collectively help preserve and produce affordable housing. TAAHP Board President, Jean Latsha, and TAAHP Government Affairs Committee Chair, Nathan Kelley, led the presentation.

TAAHP will host an additional luncheon on October 3 for elected officials and their staff members who were not able to attend September 12th. All Texas elected officials and staff are invited to attend. See details.

Do You Have Multiple Business Addresses? Know a Legislator? Donated to a Legislator?

Click here to tell us who you have connections with and name up to 5 business addresses in different congressional districts (offices or properties you own). When TAAHP initiates a campaign, any legislator you identify as a key relationship with or who represents the areas where you do business will receive your message — expanding the reach of the campaign beyond where you live. Our goal is to identify the power supporters in our database whose unique relationships with legislators or staffers can help move the needle on TAAHP’s issues.

TAAHP’s Advocacy Center enables TAAHP’s legislative team to implement a coordinated communications and grassroots advocacy campaign through email, e-newsletters, and alert messages and is where members can quickly and easily participate in the legislative process.