The Urban Institute and National Housing Conference have launched an interactive tool that illustrates how difficult it is to finance housing without any subsidy that is affordable to low-income families. With this tool, users can assume the role of a developer, toggling their costs and expected revenues in an attempt to make a project financially feasible. It also highlights key federal resources that help fill financing gaps in affordable housing, including the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. An article in the Washington Post’s Wonkblog builds on the findings from the simulation and explains, “the private market can’t, on any meaningful scale, create new affordable housing for the very low-income from scratch.” An article in Bloomberg also told the story of a developer looking to build housing affordable to extremely low-income tenants who found that, “no matter what lever he moved or compromise he made, he was going to need some money from the government.”

Follow this link for more info:  http://apps.urban.org/features/cost-of-affordable-housing/