From NAHB Now

NAHB today commended House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters for proposing draft legislation to address the nation’s housing affordability crisis and called on the administration and Congress to make this issue a national policy priority.

Testifying on behalf of NAHB before the House Financial Services Committee, Steve Lawson, chairman of The Lawson Companies based in Virginia, said that the legislation drafted by the California Democrat underscores the role that additional costs, such as fees associated with infrastructure, play in housing affordability.

“The ‘Housing is Infrastructure Act’ focuses on reducing development costs for low-income housing,” said Lawson. “This bill represents a positive step forward to remove barriers to affordable housing and will help builders and developers to construct housing at lower price points.”

While the legislation would provide increased funding for important affordable housing programs, seek to lower impact fees and streamline the development process, Lawson cited several other steps that lawmakers should take to improve housing affordability.