San Antonio allocates $24.1 million to housing assistance

  • The city of San Antonio is putting a charter amendment on its ballot come May 1st
  • The amendment would give the city the ability to use bonds for any public purpose, with the intent being to focus on affordable housing

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San Antonio allocates $24.1 million to housing assistance

  • The city of San Antonio decided to allocate an additional $24.1 million to the COVID-19 Emergency Housing Assistance Program it had started earlier this year. These funds are in addition to the $52.5 million already allocated previously.
  • The program has already processed 16,000 applications. While previously the program was open to anyone earning up to 100% AMI, eligibility has now been restricted to 50% AMI for the full range of benefits, including utilities, internet, and cash payments. Those earning up to 80% are eligible for rent and mortgage assistance. Assistance will not last up to two months.

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August 2020 Issue

San Antonio’s housing assistance fund expected to run out in September

A city program meant to help struggling families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic pay their bills has paid out more than half of the money available, and city staff expect it to run out of funds sometime in September. Read More

June 2020 Issue

SAHA announces rental assistance for its residents

San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) is offering residents rental assistance after the moratorium on evictions expires. SAHA is contributing $350,000 to the City of San Antonio’s COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Program to assist residents with rent payments.

SAHA will also implement a 25% rent forgiveness program for the month of June. The program will apply to public housing and mixed-income residents in the agency’s Beacon Communities portfolio.

Lastly, SAHA will continue to offer change of income requests to allow residents to reduce their monthly payments due to reduced work hours or loss of employment.

December 2019 Issue

In August, the San Antonio Housing Authority Board of Commissioners approves $486M to build 14 affordable housing developments, including the redevelopment of public housing communities. This funding will also be paired with other funding resources, such as tax credits and tax-exempt bonds. The 14 projects are expected to fund over 3700 affordable units for San Antonio residents.

August 2019 Issue

In early July, Council Member Roberto Trevino filed a request for Council to consider creating a Renters Commission to provide a voice for renters regarding “matters related to affordable housing accessibility, transportation, green and other public space, land use, renter laws/rights, public health and safety, education, economic growth, and life in San Antonio.” With half of the city’s population as renters, Trevino states that understanding renters’ experiences will help develop a coordinated housing system and ensure accountability to the public, which are guiding principles in the city’s housing policy plan adopted last year.  See Council Member Trevino’s request here.