A group of academics and community advocates have released a letter to Congress, A Green Stimulus to Rebuild Our Economy, calling for a substantial investments in housing, transportation/infrastructure, employment, carbon free energy system, food systems, green infrastructure for the a climate resilient environment, and a green foreign policy.  The plan asks for housing-related policy and programmatic changes include, but not limited to:

  • Repeal the Fairthcloth Amendment and infuse funds into the National Housing Trust Fund
  • Double tax-credits for Low-Income Housing Tax Credit affordable housing construction
  • Enact federal zoning regulations reform to facilitate construction of both dense and affordable housing to create walkable and transit accessible neighborhoods
  • National green rental subsidy program for solar and energy efficiency incentives for landlords and their tenants.
  • Expand the federal Weatherization Assistance Program
  • Expand funding for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

For more information, please see the Vox article on this plan.