On December 2nd, the finalized 2020 QAP, approved by Governor Abbot, was released. The approved draft included an increase in points for the scoring item, Residents with Special Housing Needs. An application may qualify to receive up to three points if a development:

  • commits to at least 5% of total units dedicated for persons with special housing needs, and
  • commits to at least an additional 2% of total units dedicated for persons referred from the Continuum of Care or from a local homeless service provider. Under this item, units must be held (occupied or vacant) for this service for an initial minimum of 12 months for Urban subregions and 6 months for Rural subregions, unless the units receive HOME funds.
    (Applications in the At-Risk or USDA set-aside are not eligible for this scoring item)

Prior to the Governor’s endorsement, TAAHP input was requested on changes to the final language regarding the homelessness provision. TAAHP provided several alternatives to mitigate the effect of this new scoring category. Of the alternatives given, the hold-open period for units in rural developments was reduced from 12 to six months. TAAHP appreciates the opportunity afforded to us by the Governor’s Office.

The 2020 QAP cycle began in the spring when TDHCA held three roundtable meetings seeking stakeholder feedback on several topics for the 2020 QAP. Following the roundtable discussions, TDHCA released the staff draft to the public and the 2020 QAP draft to the Rules Committee TDHCA Board.

On September 5th, the Multifamily Division of TDHCA presented the 2020 QAP draft to the TDHCA Board with recommendations stemming from stakeholder input from the Rules Committee public meeting. With those changes incorporated, the 2020 QAP was released for final public input on September 20th, 2019. The public comment period ended on October 11, 2019.

TAAHP’s QAP committee has been engaged and actively provided feedback throughout the process. Based on TAAHP’s input, the following comments were incorporated into the 2020 QAP draft:

  • 11.3(g) Proximity of Developments Sites – TDHCA staff removed the exceptions surrounding two developments within 1,000 feet in large counties. The higher scoring application will be the only one considered unless terminated or withdrawn.
  • 11.9(c)(5) Underserved Area / De-concentration – TDHCA will only award one development per census tract.
  • 11.101(a)(2) Undesirable Site Features – TDHCA staff deleted language requiring disclosure of proximity to sites zoned for, but not actually containing, an undesirable site feature.
  • 11.9(c)(7)(B) Proximity to Jobs – TDHCA staff corrected the new scoring item incentivizing development within 1 mile of jobs using sliding scale point values, with the highest point value equal to the highest point value for proximity to urban core scoring item. This item is mutually exclusive to the proximity to urban core scoring item.
  • 11.101(b)(6)(B)(ii)(VIII) Limited Green Amenities – TDHCA staff reincorporated the limited green amenities menu from 2017 back to QAP as amenity selection options.

The pre-applications for the 2020 HTC cycle are due January 8, 2020.