May 2023 | Community Planning and Development (CPD) FY 2023 Income are published and can be accessed on the HUD Exchange’s Income Calculator page. HUD calculated the 2023 very low-income cap by using the annualized change in American Community Survey (ACS) data from 2019 to 2021, resulting in more than half of all areas being capped. Additionally, the cap is less than 6%. It’s the second straight year in which at least half of areas were capped.

FY 2023 Income Limits – Community Planning & Development (CPD)

The FY 2023 Income Limits for the following programs are published and effective June 15, 2023:

FY 2023 Rent Limits

The FY 2023 Rent Limits for the following programs have also been published and effective June 15, 2023:

How Does this Affect the Income Calculator?

Please note that the Income Calculator has not yet been updated with the FY 2023 Income Limits. The calculator will continue to use the FY 2022 Income Limits until the calculator is updated on June 15, 2023. A separate message will be sent once the calculator has been updated.