The 116th U.S. Congress has filed several housing related bills during the first quarter of the congressional session. The need for affordable housing has become a top item for the Trump administration and a high priority for many legislators nationwide. Below is a list of highly relevant bills relating to the affordable housing industry.

  • R. 3077/S.1703: Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2019 (AHCIA)
    • This bipartisan sponsored legislation aims to:
      • Prohibit the requirement of letters of support or opposition from local or elected officials.
      • Expand and strengthen the 9% Housing Tax Credit program (HTC) by increasing the amount of credits allocated to each state by 50%, over current levels;
      • Stabilize the 4% HTC program by setting a permanent 4% minimum floor;
      • Expand and reform “recycling” of multifamily housing bonds (PABs);
      • Create veteran-specific housing options;
      • Direct and increase credits allocated to serve extremely low-income populations;
      • Classify developments located in indigenous areas as Difficult to Develop Area – to provide more access to credits for these affordable housing developments;
      • Provide flexibility for states to increase credits for rural areas,
      • Protect victims of domestic violence by aligning the HTC program with Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) standards, and;
      • Open affordable housing to low-income students.
    • Status: H.R. 3077 – Referred to House Ways & Means
    • Status: S. 1703 – Referred to Senate Finance

TAAHP joins with the ACTION Campaign for a CALL TO ACTION for members to reach out and encourage their U.S. congressional representatives to cosponsor the AHCIA by October 14. For helpful resources, see below.

  • R. 1122/ S. 291: Housing Choice Voucher Mobility Demonstration Act of 2019
    • Senator Todd Young (R-ID) introduced this bill to instruct HUD to carry out a housing choice voucher mobility demonstration to enable public housing authorities to help families receiving the housing choice assistance to access high opportunity areas.
    • Status: H.R. 1122 – Passed house by vote 387-22. Received in Senate – Referred to Senate Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs
    • Status: S. 291 – Referred to Senate Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs
  • R. 3211/ S. 1772: Task Force on the Impact of the Affordable Housing Crisis Act of 2019
    • Senator Todd Young (R-ID) and Representative Scott Peters (D-CA-52) Establishes a task force to evaluate and quantify the impact the lack of affordable housing has on life outcomes. With this research, the task force will provide recommendations to improve various federal programs to improve life outcomes for Americans.
    • Status: H.R. 3211 – Referred to House Financial Services
    • Status: S. 1772 – Referred to Senate Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs
  • R. 3479 / S.1956: Save Affordable Housing Act of 2019
    • Introduced by Senators Todd Young (R-ID) and Ron Wyden (R-OR), this bill intends to prevent premature loss of affordable housing units financed by the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program through the Qualified Contract process.
    • Status: H.R. 3479 – Referred to House Ways & Means
    • Status: S. 1956 – Referred to Senate Finance
  • R. 3620: Strategy and Investment in Rural Housing Preservation Act of 2019
    • Representative William Lacy Clay (D-MO-1) filed this bill to develop and implement a plan for preserving affordable housing in rural areas and housing units financed by USDA, including authorizing $1B in funding over five years.
    • Status: Passed House by 2/3 being in the affirmative. Sent to Senate – Referred to Senate Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs.